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Our Story

Our love for celebrating should be palpable when you walk through our doors at magpie, where everywhere you look there should be signs of happiness and the possibility of festivities. 

Our goal for you is to feel inspired and welcome.  Where you feel comfortable grabbing a plate off of a shelf and imagining it at your dinner table, finding glassware that fits perfectly within your vision, and something fun to add as a thoughtful surprise for your guests.   We hope you leave here with something intangible, something magic.

Our contribution to thoughtful consumption.  We are unique in that we offer both items for sale and rent.  In a day an age where experiences are what we are after, we know creating a beautiful table elevates our moments and expresses love and caring.  But these days we want to live less cluttered, cleaner, conscious.  We've married (excuse the pun from a wedding planner) rentals with beauty and ease, allowing you to change up your table every time your heart desires without overflowing your cupboards

Our whimsical expression is found in our darling children's party goods each one with a unique take on both the tried and true themes and the latest trending ones.  included are costumes, and cake toppers, party favors, tiaras and floral chandeliers.  whatever you need to make your little ones feel the love you had for them they day they were born!  we've even got the cake mixes, locally and lovingly made.

Our shop is filled with unique and lovingly curated gift items that you will be so proud to bring to the party, wrapped within our magpie colors is a cheery and thoughtful present.  Within our walls is a florist in residence, Megan Ferren, owner of Poppy's Garden, has created the most darling happy space to order the most heavenly floral arrangements.  We have partnered with other great vendors to help you create a perfectly personal moment.  Whether it's a balloon garland or custom monogrammed linens we will help make it happen.

We want to make your days of gathering inspired, relaxed and filled with joy. 
Because we never want to stop celebrating each other.

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